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Oreo Cupcakes and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Mini Review

11 Jan

I must have posted one too many boring posts because after my first jump into the world of blogging I haven’t been able to grab the attention of any new readers. I can’t say I blame them–but in my defense I tried to warn them that I wasn’t the most exciting blogger–yet.

Still, it’s kind of disappointing. Then again, I suppose this blog isn’t really meant for anyone to enjoy but me. It keeps my brain from turning entirely to mush as I slave as an office drone, day after day doing the same set tasks. I actually had an interesting conversation with a cabbie that went in a very similar manner today. As you know, I don’t drive (again, yet–but I refuse to give up.) so I found myself at the train station, flagging down a cab. The guy seemed nice enough–a little weird as any man trapped inside a car all day should be expected to be–but nice enough. I’m not sure how the topic arose but it was suddenly down to dreams and weather or not anyone should persue theirs. I try to be optimistic, as I am currently involved in a long-term strategy of attack towards mine. But he seemed to think that if you had a dream, or a passion, that you shouldn’t persue it unless it was something absolutely spectacular. It’s funny, because as I mentioned in my last entry, I sometimes feel down like that about my writing. Ultimately though, it comes down to you.

If you enjoy something, or are passionate about it–pursue it. It’s not for anyone but you in the end. That essentially knocked the wind out of his sails and the ride was quick and pleasant.

Though it might sound sappy–I’m fairly certain I believe what I told him. That chasing a dream isn’t pointless if you feel strongly about it. Who gives a damn if no one else does?

Work today went by appallingly slow. I think it had a lot to do with an Oreo cupcake that I had eaten though. Today was our intern’s birthday, and Twilight went out of her way to hit up a local bakery called Baby cakes to surprise him. It’s on days when she’s so gracious and pleasant like this that I’m glad I work under her. The cupcake was absolutely delicious! Chocolate with a white (very oreo-cream-like) frosting, rolled in crushed oreo cookie and topped off with a whole Oreo.

The nice part was that it wasn’t overly gigantic, like some specialty shops make. It was normal sized, with an abnormally wonderful taste. Apparently, they have a rotating weekly menu which I look forward to investigating… for those willing to investigate with me see their website here—-> http://babycakesshop.net/

AH, but back to the slow day. That cupcake mixed with a black coffee, and a pancake drenched in syrup for breakfast was a bit of an overload. I felt like hours were passing like days. There’s something both pleasant, and terrifying about a sugar rush. That pleasant buzzing in the back of your head that makes me feel giddy, plus the sensation that I’ve been pulled into Wonderland down the Rabbit hole is a bizarre combo.

Now, here I am again with you. Though tonight feels more like a pity-party for one than a sigh of relief to be home. I’m falling apart though. Somehow, I aggravated a lower back injury I got a few years back and now I feel elderly. Instead of my usual jaunt around the block I was in my pajamas at 8 o’clock, dosing myself with Ibuprofen and wishing I had something more exciting to do. In all honesty, I should be working on one of my novels for my freelance job–but I’m tired. Instead, I curled up with an already well-worn copy of The Second Summer of the Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was huge when I was younger–which is probably why I never got around to reading them. When girls in high school were reading The Lovely Bones, Twilgiht and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants–I was reading Hamlet, The Hobbit and Harry Potter. I also tended to like to read books that related to Japanese culture and history. (Still do.) I suppose that’s mainly based on my unhealthy enjoyment of anime though. (Yes, if you have read this far and didn’t realize I was a complete and total nerd–you are now informed officially.)

I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares last week, mainly because I was in a hurry and didn’t have any books in my room that I hadn’t already memorized. I stole the three copies from my younger sister’s shelf–and she still has yet to notice them missing. The Sisterhood never really interested me while I was growing up because mostly the story revolves around four girls who are…growing up. I was already very aware of the pains of adolescence because I was living them–and frankly, I didn’t need the extra drama added to my day. Now that I’m a grown woman–I don’t think I feel that differently about it, but luckily, the book was  quick read. Though I started the story with little expectations, I ended it somewhat glad I read it. Sure, The Sisterhood as a story has its’ problems–mainly the predictability in which the story plays out. The foreshadowing is more like fore-punching and it makes you feel as though the author hoped her readers would be complete idiots–luckily,I’m not her target audience, but emotional teenage girls are. So, At least she’s marketing correctly. I hate to admit it, but the characters themselves are easy to relate to despite this, and there are some very warm and inviting moments within the story that managed to draw me in toward the end. Though the plot line itself isn’t a surprise-packed dazzler, the characters can be endearing in their own way–and I suppose in the end that’s why I read the book all the way through. Yes, the skeletons of the four main characters are so stereotypical that they make me cringe (the jock, the prude, the foreigner and the emo),  but the evolutions of these characters from those basic skeletons are interesting enough to keep me reading.

As I still have another portable reading material, I now have The Second Summer of the Sisterhood in the process of being read. So far, I like this novel better than the first. Mainly, I suppose, because the characters are all that much older and a little less predictable. Once I finish it–I will supply you with another review. In the meanwhile, I’m hoping to find something more in my age bracket to pick up. Maybe The Help, which I recently saw the movie of. I like the movie so much that I have high hopes for the book. (The book is always better!) Or I heard about a novel called Code Talkers that sounded interesting. I’m also open to reading suggestions!! (-crickets chirp-)